Thursday, December 4, 2008

News from Planet Vegas

Here's something different for a change. Our local newspaper isn't all that great and somewhat provincial and very conservative. It's alright though if one likes to get updated on local happenings and events.

However, today's edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal included some interesting photos. The left one shows a typical Las Vegas "Strip" shot with the new Encore Hotel & Casino, which is about to open soon. I'm just a sucker for evening city shots and I love the colors. The middle photo is my favorite. It shows a great night shot of the construction of the new Hoover Dam bridge. There's something almost alien about it. I like the photo on the right with the cowboy and the horses for its composition.

Which also reminds me that the National Finals Rodeo is coming to town. Let all them bulls loose. And them cowboys with their Stetsons, bigger-than-life belt buckles and way too tight jeans. Yee-haw!

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