Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slow Process

By now it seems obvious that I won't be able to post anything on a daily basis. In part it's due should I put We're just too busy with work, more work and yes, just a tad bit more work. In the little spare time that we do have, we're trying to catch up on things we can't get around to because guessed

I'm not complaining by any means. It is what it is.

But we're looking forward to this weekend, though. We'll be in Los Angeles to catch Margaret Cho doing her comedy thing at the Orpheum Theatre. It'll be fun. On Sunday you'll probably meet us somewhere along the Pacific Palisades. In any case, a well deserved time away from usual grind.

And on this happy note...Happy Easter, folks. Ein frohes Osterfest an alle.

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